Yale Questionnaire Suggests 15 Percent of Americans Addicted to Food

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A Yale food addiction scale questionnaire completed by 986 people suggests that 15% of Americans self report being addicted to food. You can see the source here. In my clinical practice I probably see more clients for food addiction / emotional eating than anything else.

Hypnotherapy is very effective when treating emotional eating, binge eating, and food addiction. Using willpower and conscious effort can be an uphill struggle. However, hypnotherapy makes control over food more automatic and reduces “resistance” to change.

  • Builds confidence & self esteem that change is possible, achievable, and deserved
  • Changes the underlying habit so that a more appropriate response is triggered
  • Changes food associations
  • Gives back control over food

I can help you break food addiction, give you back control over food, and build your resolve and determination to change permanently.   Please contact me for more details.