Why stress makes you fat by Michael Mosley

stress and fat

Below is a summary of an article in the BBC by Dr Michael Mosley on why stress makes you fat.

* Chronic stress disrupts our sleep and chronic stress levels leading to hunger and energy crashes

* Testing by Dr Giles Yeo showed that blood sugar levels took 6 times longer (3 hours) to return to normal compared to stress free days

* The fight or flight response from stress leads to glucose being dumped in the blood stream to provide energy

* When you don’t run or fight or use the glucose, the pancreas releases insulin to bring the blood sugar levels back down which can lead to energy dips and hunger

* Research at King’s College found that sleep deprived people consumed on average and extra 358 calories per day

* The solution is to priorities sleep and manage stress. Things shown to be beneficial for reducing stress Mindfulness, mediation, yoga, exercise, gardening.

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