Peak Performance

Did you know that hypnosis can be used for peak performance?

Peak performance simply means performing at the best level of a person’s physical and cognitive abilities.

In recent years I’ve worked with:

  • A world champion MMA fighter in preparation for a coming fight.
  • A professional musician in preparation for their set at Latitude Festival
  • A well establish actor and author for writer’s block.
  • A high performing competive cyclist in preparation for a competition.
  • And many more including various sports performances, and exam performance

How Does Hypnosis Improve Performance?

Hypnosis isn’t a replacement for “The Work”. You still have to do the training, and have the underlying skills. Hypnosis just helps you to perform your best.

Hypnosis can help:

  • Boost motivation, commitment & dedication for training and event preparations.
  • With pain and fatigue management. E.g train and perform longer and better.
  • Boost pre and post event confidence
  • Boost feelings of calm and relaxation pre and post event.
  • Boost flow states
  • Boost rapid learning and memory enhancement

If you are interested in improving your performance, or achieving peak performance, please get in touch.