Peak Performance

Did you know that hypnosis can be used for peak performance?

Peak performance simply means performing at the best level of a person’s physical and cognitive abilities.

In recent years I’ve worked with:

  • A world champion MMA fighter in preparation for a coming fight.
  • A professional musician in preparation for their set at Latitude Festival
  • A well establish actor and author for writer’s block.
  • A high performing competive cyclist in preparation for a competition.
  • And many more including various sports performances, and exam performance

How Does Hypnosis Improve Performance?

Hypnosis isn’t a replacement for “The Work”. You still have to do the training, and have the underlying skills. Hypnosis just helps you to perform your best.

Hypnosis can help:

  • Boost motivation, commitment & dedication for training and event preparations.
  • With pain and fatigue management. E.g train and perform longer and better.
  • Boost pre and post event confidence
  • Boost feelings of calm and relaxation pre and post event.
  • Boost flow states
  • Boost rapid learning and memory enhancement

If you are interested in improving your performance, or achieving peak performance, please get in touch.

James Webb MMA World Champion Middleweight MMA Fighter at the Combat Academy
James Webb World Champion Middleweight MMA (left), Stuart (right)
James Webb MMA World Champion Middleweight Cagefighter Combat Adademy
Most clients sit in a chair for hypnotherapy sessions with me, but as a one off, James used my bean bag.

James Webb – World Champion Middleweight MMA Cage Fighter, Colchester – Fight Night Performance

“Stuart has been really useful to me, he helps a wide range of people. I’m privileged to have someone like this as a client, mentor and friend. It’s been nothing but a help during these times. Stay safe and well everyone. We are nearly through this!!”