Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain

We will start our sessions together by discussing the history of your chronic pain, and it’s consequences. We also discuss what is possible with pain education, hypnosis and other cognitive techniques.

Our sessions will apply 3 methods for pain control or elimination

  1. Pain Education
  2. Cognitive Techniques
  3. Hypnotherapy

Pain Education

Our sessions begin with pain education. Many people who suffer from chronic pain have outdated beliefs and understanding of pain which actually keep them in higher levels of pain than necessary.

When we update those outdated beliefs & understandings, it becomes easier for you to take control of the pain, and either reduce it significantly, or eliminate it completely.

The outcome from our pain management sessions is different for everyone.

For some people I am able to help them get rid of chronic pain completely, and it never returns, or if it does, you are able to get rid of it again very quickly.

For others, we can often reduce the pain considerably to a level where your quality of life is greatly improved.

Cognitive Techniques

During our sessions, I will also teach you a variety of cognitive techniques that you can easily apply at home to reduce or eliminate pain.

My aim is to give you the skills and confidence to know that you can always reduce or eliminate any chronic pain yourself outside of our sessions.

Every time you re-apply my techniques, you weaken the pain pathways in the brain, and strengthen the comfort pathways.


Each session with me will also involve hypnotherapy, where we will use advanced techniques to reduce pain significantly, or eliminate it altogether.

Our hypnosis sessions weaken the pain pathways in the brain, and strengthen the comfort pathways.

Our sessions will also boost your mood and confidence and give you a more positive outlook.

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What to Expect

In many cases after my sessions, pain removal or reduction is permanent. However, for some people, occasionally, it might return in a mild form for a variety of reasons which I will explain during our sessions.

My sessions will leave you with the skills which can easily be re-applied by you to remove or reduce the pain again in the unlikely event it returns.

Hypnotherapy For Chronic Pain
Sessions are 60 minutes (approx)

– £75 per session –

** Typically, you can expect to see me for between 1 – 3 sessions.