How to Improve Your Motivation

How to Improve Your Motivation

This is a quick and simple technique to boost motivation. It’s my take on a motivational interviewing technique. It can be used on yourself or with someone else.

Step 1. Identify an activity that you want to do, but are not motivated right now to do
I want to go for a run but don’t feel motivated.

Step 2. Ask yourself “on a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being no motivation and 10 the most motivated), how much do you feel like doing this activity now?”
I’m a 3 – not very motivated

Step 3. Ask yourself, “why wasn’t my number lower”? Then write down or go over in your mind all of your intrinsic motivations.
* Well I know I need to keep healthy because I want to be there for the kids
* I know I feel much better after a run and it boosts my mood for the day
* If I don’t do it, I will gain weight and feel bad

List as many as you can and really use your imagination to feel the negative and positive consequences of doing the activity.

# If your number is zero, simply run through all of the reasons that you want to do the activity.

Step 4. Spend 5 minutes deeply contemplating all of the reasons (negative and positive) that you would like to go for a run.

Research has shown that people are more motivated by intrinsic motivations as opposed to extrinsic. In other words, someone telling you that you need to go for a run, stop smoking, or lose weight is nowhere as powerful or sustainable as you taking action because of your own intrinsic motivations.

People who habitually have low motivation do not spend enough time dwelling on the the positive and negative consequences.

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