Mrs B, Woodbridge, Suffolk - Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating & Drinking
"I actually haven't had anything to drink other than one small glass of wine in well over a week as I've been sticking to my guns and I haven't given in to temptation. It's actually been really easy so for now."

Mrs Y, Woodbridge, Suffolk - Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating. "I’m still in complete control ... I feel fantastic and the weight is still coming off nicely. I no longer go to bed and wake up thinking about food and my weight - it has made such a difference and I can’t thank you enough!"

Miss G, Woodbridge, Suffolk - Hypnotherapy for Composure Whilst Presenting a Eulogy "Thank you so much for helping me, the eulogy went perfectly, no tears, no hiccups and just as I had hoped. I honestly can’t thank you enough."

Mrs M Woodbridge, Suffolk - Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating. "I’m absolutely amazed! I feel totally in control of my eating, feeling so focused! I will have no hesitation in using your services again as it works. Regards and thank you so much"

Mrs B Woodbridge, Suffolk - Hypnotherapy for Driving Test Anxiety. "Hi Stuart just had my first driving lesson, best ever !! I was so relaxed even enjoyed it !! My driving instructor really noticed the difference so much so she said she had another anxious driver that may benefit !! I have a test booked on the XX so I don't know whether I may need another session ? Let me know what you think. But thank you so much anyway" "Yes I did [pass my driving test] - can't thank you enough !! Just got back 3 minors"

Mrs F, Woodbridge, Suffolk. - Hypnotherapy for Emotional Eating and Alcohol Consumption "Thank you more than I can express for providing a professional and warm environment where I could be honest about my demons.  I've just got back from the gym and physically and emotionally I feel like a different person! Yesterday I was in Reading for a meeting and a couple of people said how well I looked."

Mrs T from Framlingham, Suffolk.    - Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss. "Thanks for getting me into my wedding dress X"

Mrs O from Woodbridge, Suffolk.     - Hypnotherapy for Pain Relief. "I just wanted to keep you updated with my hip progress, I travelled extensively hip pain free, and once I returned I was able to do bootcamp twice per week, and even get on a horse!!! I wanted to thank you for your work. I believe hypnotherapy has really worked for me.  ... "I have made the decision to cancel my operation as my hip has been pain free"

Ms H from London.      - Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss "Stuart, I've been listening to the audios. And you know I've never liked or loved myself this much ever. It's a combination of the weight loss and new job and home but I think it's your hypnotherapy as my negative thinking is now positive thinking and sometimes I catch myself and think is it possible to like yourself this much?" "Lol what a change, I love it. I have spent a lifetime not liking myself as much and it's such a waste. Thank you, I miss our sessions"

Miss M from London.      - Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Stuart is a talented life-style coach and the best way I can describe it is as a virtuous circle of Results, Reinforcement and Relaxation. Results: I've gone from a size 14 to a size 10/12 and I’m so pleased with the new me.  I feel fitter and leaner and I enjoy food more than ever before. I eat 3 great meals a day and each time I feel that I’m nourishing myself. Reinforcement: I feel 100% supported in my journey to a better body and mind because Stuart educates constantly, drawing on science and history, explaining theories from a number of sources, sharing success stories, and encouraging me at each milestone, no matter how small. Relaxation: I never quite appreciated how weight loss and well being were linked to relaxation until Stuart offered hypnotherapy.  To be honest, it feels more like ‘meditation with benefits’.  I get to relax and then somehow my mind is re-wired to love good food, feel more positive, and deal with any issues I may have. The results from the weight loss have made me feel fantastic and lighter, the reinforcement means I don’t fall back to my old habits and the relaxation means I feel happier, stronger and well balanced so that when the stresses come along, they don’t derail me.  Thank you Stuart for a new lease of quality life, as that is exactly what it is!

Mrs H from North London.     - Hypnotherapy for train anxiety. "Each time I travelled by train, I was stressed, hectic and often nearly missed my train. I had 2 hypnotherapy with Stuart.  After the hypnotherapy, each time I catch a train, I am no longer stressed, hectic and never miss a train. Thanks to Stuart."

Mrs A from the South West.     - Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss "Thanks so much for your help so far - I've had a brilliant week and feel like I'm getting me back. Although it has only been a week I do really feel like something has shifted, that I've got control and the power to carry on unassisted again. As you know I've been lacking in the motivation and strength to get it done for more than a year but I honestly do think I'm well on my way over that hump once more." "I will definitely recommend you to anyone interested. Signing out from my lovely yellow brick road to freedom!"